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Illumenates Worldwide

Illumenates Worldwide Pte Ltd is an established research, development and manufacturing company specialising in developing excellent products in the Wellness, Beauty, and Innovative Healthcare Technology Industry.

Efficacy is Our Essence

Working with scientifically validated pure, natural raw materials,we manufacture quality products with proven efficacy. 

Excellence is Our DNA

Evidence-based research, ethical practices and years of technical and practical experience are combined to deliver a trusted end-to-end, development solution.

The Illumenates Values

These are our core values, incorporated in everything that we do. These words form the foundation of our work and our ethics.

  • Aesthetic
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovative
  • Loyalty
  • Speed

The Illumenates Philosophy

Illumenates is a desire driven to improve human life, achieve scientific excellence, operate with the highest standards of integrity, expand access to our products and employ a diverse workforce and partnering relationships that value collaboration. 



Jayne Tjioe

Since its establishment in 2012, Illumenates Worldwide has strived to provide the finest products to our customers while ensuring high ethical standards. In line with our philosophy, we aim to become a company trusted by all of its customers and stakeholders. The Illumenates group is currently fixating their direction on leveraging its strength in superior technological capabilities to create an array of advanced, safe, pure and reliable wellness products.

At the Illumenates, we integrate our core values to our team to ensure that the spirit that goes into their initiative of working when making our products is of the highest order. This will maximize the efficiency in research, technology, and large scale facilities in order to develop the world’s top class wellness products. The Illumenates group will continue to focus on facing challenges head on and further improving its capabilities as a manufacturer of wellness products. We will be at unity in our efforts to continue meeting the expectations of all of our stakeholders and we would like to warmly ask for your continuous support and encouragement. 

Jayne Tjioe

CEO of Illumenates


Our Experts

Gregory Blake Becker

Dr. Vijay Soni